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Hall of Fame: Class of 2003

August 04, 2003|Sam Farmer


Los Angeles Raiders 1982-92; Kansas City Chiefs 1993-97.

On which run was his favorite: "Some of my most memorable runs to me were ones where I had to make 10 guys miss to get back to the line of scrimmage."

On playing in Kansas City: "After we lost to Buffalo in the playoffs, we flew back and it was freezing out. Crowds lined the airport roads for a couple of miles. That let me know this is football heaven."



Houston Oilers 1968-83.

On his speech: "How long did I work on my speech? I only have five copies in here [patting his lapel pocket] in case I lost one."

Joe Namath on Bethea: "You talk about personality changes. Off the field he might have been smiling a little bit. On the field he was out to get you."



Buffalo 1973-79, 1985; Cleveland 1980-84.

On his blue-collar background: "I was born in Detroit, got drafted by Buffalo and got traded to Cleveland. I'd tell people, 'I hope Gary, Indiana, doesn't get an expansion team.' "

On the Victory Inn, the bar his father owns in Detroit: "It's closed today."



Green Bay 1978-86; L.A. Raiders 1987-88; Buffalo 1989-92; L.A. Rams 1993; Philadelphia 1993.

On where his allegiances lie: "If I had to choose a hat, I'd have Green Bay on one side, Buffalo on the other, and a Raider emblem on the back."

On playing in Jim Kelly's no-huddle offense: "When Jim would call the play, you'd hear Andre Reed say, 'I'm open! I'm open!' ... as we were walking to the line of scrimmage."



Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs 1960-74; New Orleans 1976-77.

Former Dolphin coach Don Shula on a particularly hot-weather game against Stram's Chiefs: "He was the only guy who wasn't in an air-conditioned box who had a coat, a red vest and slacks. My game plan was in my pocket and the ink was sweating off it was so hot. Hank did everything with style."

-- Sam Farmer

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