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Rodman's Boat Seized for Illegal Docking

August 06, 2003|Mai Tran | Times Staff Writer

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman is no stranger to local police. But now even his boat is a repeat offender.

"Sexual Chocolate," Rodman's 47-foot Fountain speedboat, was impounded shortly after 3 p.m. Sunday when he illegally parked it on someone else's dock in the 2500 block of Pacific Coast Highway, officials said.

The manager of the marina called authorities after he asked Rodman to move the vessel and Rodman refused, said Sgt. David Ginther of the Orange County Sheriff's Harbor Patrol.

"It's a violation, but it hasn't been determined if he'll get a ticket or he'll have to just pay the fees and the vessel gets released," Ginther said.

In 2001, Rodman was fined for a boat-speeding infraction in Newport Bay.

Police have responded to more than 80 complaints about noise at Rodman's Newport Beach home.

Last week, Rodman testified in a civil trial in which a former waitress accused him of drugging and raping her at his home in 2001.

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