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Aaron Sicoff, studio guard

August 07, 2003|Elaine Dutka

Those entering Warner Bros. Studios through Gate 4 might meet security sergeant Aaron Sicoff, 28, a seven-year veteran of the Burbank lot.

Work perks Politicians and stars still have to get past the gate. Recently Arnold Schwarzenegger ("Terminator 3") drove through. Could he see "Ah-nold" as governor? "Sure -- why not? If Reagan could ...."

Sense of humor mandatory One tourist group thought they were at Universal Studios.

Checkpoint Everyone driving onto the lot must have their trunk -- and packages -- inspected, even at Christmastime. Trunks, he's learned, say a lot about people --"not only their interests but how neat or organized they are."

Thinking on his feet He's trained in CPR, first aid and more. If there's a fire, the studio's fire department is called. "Warner's is its own little country."

Bad casting "TV and movies don't portray security folks in the best possible light. Many of the characters are lazy, out of shape, which reflects poorly on the rest of us."

The downside Working the occasional graveyard shift (11 p.m. to 7 a.m.), his internal clock gets messed up. "Even on your days off, you sleep during the day. It's jet lag, Hollywood style."

-- Elaine Dutka

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