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Judge Suspends License of State Hospital Psychologist

August 08, 2003|Hector Becerra | Times Staff Writer

A state administrative judge has suspended the license of a psychologist who worked at the Patton State Mental Hospital in San Bernardino over questions about her mental health and behavior, authorities said Thursday.

Susan Elizabeth Kuehl, 37, worked as a staff psychologist at Patton.

The California Board of Psychology is seeking to permanently revoke her license for unprofessional conduct, said Miles Bristow, a spokesman for the California Department of Consumer Affairs.

Kuehl's staff privileges at the hospital were terminated in December.

She has been charged in San Bernardino Superior Court with burglary and a public-records violation for allegedly breaking into hospital offices and stealing confidential personnel files, Bristow said.

Kuehl threatened to kill herself earlier this year, according to court documents.

A California administrative hearing judge suspended Kuehl's license Aug. 1, after determining that to let her continue practicing would threaten the safety and welfare of patients. Kuehl has a right to contest the judge's ruling.

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