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Judging Rush

August 09, 2003

Steve Carney's article "In Rush Limbaugh's World, He's Always Right" (Aug. 1), would have been superbly complete had he included the core reason for Limbaugh's success: the message.

Rush is a true American patriot, an incisive analyst and a passionate and sincere motivator. He not only loves his job, he loves his listeners and proves it by showing that he has their best interests at heart. One example of a message that is slowly reverberating throughout our country is the fact that he's pro-life and has the courage to address this most divisive issue while many cower in fear.

Charles N. Marrelli



IN response to the quote from Rush Limbaugh, "I always said I'm never going to retire until every American agrees with me": I think Rush should start packing his desk because there are millions of us who don't listen to his show, let alone agree with him.

Mary Ann Gordon

Huntington Beach

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