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2 Women Killed in Fiery Crash After Car Rear-Ended on Freeway

August 09, 2003|Denise M. Bonilla | Times Staff Writer

Two women were killed Friday morning when their car went up in flames after being pushed over the center divider of the Santa Ana Freeway in Anaheim.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the unidentified women were in a Honda Civic traveling north in the far left lane near the Riverside Freeway about 11 a.m. when traffic suddenly slowed.

To avoid the car ahead, the driver swerved to the left. A second Civic, approaching from behind, was unable to stop and hit the women's car, causing it to go into the carpool lane where it was hit by a bus.

The car then skidded along the divider before going up and over the wall, into the southbound lanes.

Katrina Lundgren of the CHP said the women's car caught fire at some point.

Both women were pronounced dead at the scene.

The driver and passenger in the other car suffered minor injuries and were treated at West Anaheim Medical Center.

The driver and seven passengers on the bus were not injured, Lundgren said.

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