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Bryant Case Won't Be Going Away for a While

August 09, 2003

This is a perfect example of the state of the world today. We have Kobe Bryant about to go on trial for sexual assault and if you listened very carefully, after the judge had scheduled the preliminary hearing for Oct. 9, you could hear the voices of Laker fans asking, "So he'll still be able to play this season, right?"

Hector Reyes


Could someone please explain to me the journalistic merit of your article of Aug. 3, "Bryant Called 911 at Home"? So Kobe calls 911 twice within a four-month period on behalf of "a woman" (wink, wink) who during the July 3 incident was "lying in bed" (wink, wink) at his home. Yet Police Sgt. Shulman will neither confirm nor deny if the mysterious woman was simply Bryant's wife Vanessa. Without that obviously critical piece of information, the article would never have been published were it not for the Colorado situation, because it's so patently inane.

I would have thought the Times would not exploit this tragically lurid situation until there was actually something substantive to report. Oops.

Carol Weissberg


How can Maverick owner Mark Cuban possibly think Kobe's situation will benefit the NBA? The Lakers are already a big draw when they are on the road and they attract higher TV ratings than most teams.

Any increase in ticket sales and television audiences will be marginal at best, and more likely would have been triggered anyway by the additions of Malone and Payton. Furthermore, the disappearance of Michael Jordan from the Washington Wizards will hurt the league too. The Kobe scandal can only hurt the NBA, not help it.

Chris Garbers

Los Angeles

Of all the people young Mr. Bryant has hurt by his actions, outside of his immediate family, Karl Malone and Gary Payton must be among those hurting most of all. Here are two players who each gave up millions of dollars to join Shaq and Kobe and produce another championship for the Lakers and that elusive ring for both of them. No matter whether Kobe is eventually found guilty or innocent, the next few months are bound to affect his effectiveness on the court, and the Lakers are no longer the sure thing they appeared to be.

If this Kobe trouble had erupted before they signed, would Malone and Payton have made the same decisions? Someone should ask.

Joel Rapp

Los Angeles

It is doubtful the jeweler who scooped us on the $4-million ring will see any repeat business from Kobe. I imagine there are enough competent jewelers who would love the Bryants' business, while minding their own.

Lorraine Carpinelli

Huntington Beach

It's obvious what Kobe needs to do to deflect the bombardment of media coverage on his rape trial. He needs to announce his intention to run for governor.

Brian Haueter


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