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Big-Rig Suit Is a Sign of What's Ailing Us

August 10, 2003

Re "Can He Maneuver That Big Rig in Court?" July 11:

Could we be any more spoiled here in America, especially here in Southern California? We have hit the height of it right here in Orange County, in the city of Orange.

Who cares about the people who don't have enough food to eat, who don't have the health care they need, who toil endlessly -- if they're lucky enough to be employed -- at go-nowhere minimum-wage jobs? Not Angelo "Chuck" Emanuele, that's for sure.

Emanuele is wasting our tax dollars by suing the DMV over his enormous tractor trailer being classified as a big rig and not a recreational vehicle. Let me tell you, the downfall of our society is coming not from the breakdown of the nuclear family or because Gray Davis is governor of California; it is coming because of the greed and selfishness of the American people.

Remember the Roman Empire?

Jen Hurlburt

Costa Mesa

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