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Gubernatorial Lineup: Let the Games Begin

August 12, 2003

As soon as I saw the front page of Sunday's Times, I knew what Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) meant when she said the race was beginning to take on a carnival atmosphere. I've never seen so many clowns and jugglers in one arena before. I can't wait to see 'em pile out of a Volkswagen.

Which one gets shot out of the cannon? "Joe" Davis, no doubt!

Earl Benton

Santa Clarita


When I saw all of those faces of people running for governor, I clapped. I read about how we're a joke to other states and even other countries, but I'm proud. I'm so sick of two lousy candidates from two lousy parties running against each other that this is like a good dream. Anything that shakes up the status quo is welcome.

I feel like I'm at 31 Flavors (193 flavors). Now I'm going to spend my time figuring out how I'm going to make my choice.

Joseph Gold



In 1984, it was predicted the Olympics would create chaos in Los Angeles and leave the city with a huge deficit. Everything ran smoothly, and the Olympics showed a profit.

I'm voting for Peter Ueberroth.

Jim Stein

Redondo Beach


Harking back to the Olympics as Ueberroth's claim to fame is truly ancient history for our younger voters. I still wear my 1984 Olympics visor for morning walks, but I can assure you that I've never seen another. Talk about "old hat"! A typical question from our younger California voters would be: "Uh, like, what games were played in the 1984 Olympics?" They've never heard of Ueberroth. Now, Arnold Schwarzenegger is another matter.

Credit car-alarm mogul Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Vista) with making this whole mishmash possible. That will be Issa's legacy, and he didn't even get to play.

Elinor Lynch

Palm Desert


Many recent articles have focused on Gov. Gray Davis' opponents, but they missed the obvious. Davis' main opponent is ... Gray Davis.

Lon Burns

Manhattan Beach


Former child star Gary Coleman declared his candidacy for governor. The 99 Cents Only Stores is sponsoring Mathilda Karel Spak, who is nearly 101, for the race. Schwarzenegger has declared his candidacy, touting his qualification as "an Austrian farm boy." Hustler magazine's Larry Flynt is in. Feinstein is out. Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown is offering sage advice on building a positive public image.

I teach American government to high school seniors. My job is to teach respect for government and respect for the caliber of person who serves our state in public office. How do I do that?

Lorraine Gayer

Huntington Beach


The one thing I have to laugh about is the criticism of Schwarzenegger for not having any political experience. That's the reason I'll vote for him.

John Waugen



I'm not Schwarzenegger. I'm not Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante. I'm not Arianna Huffington. But the staff of the registrar- recorder/county clerk and of the secretary of state treated me, an unknown political contender, with as much courtesy and friendliness as they offered the biggest celebrity. I appreciate their patience with my questions on the labyrinth of paperwork; I appreciate their smiles for my toddler; I respect their can-do attitude.

Some have expressed doubts that we can conduct a credible election in such short time. From what I've seen of the impressive efforts of our public servants in these unprecedented times, I am sure they can pull it off.

Lorraine "Abner Zurd"



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