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Redlands to Serve 'Doughnut Hole'

County board OKs plan for unincorporated area surrounded by the city.

August 13, 2003|Hugo Martin | Times Staff Writer

The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved a plan to temporarily allow Redlands to provide police, fire, water and sewage services for an unincorporated area within the city known as "the Doughnut Hole."

Under the plan, the city will get 90% of tax revenue from businesses in the unincorporated area; the county will keep the remaining 10%. The plan will be in effect until Dec. 31. However, Redlands voters will be asked in the Nov. 4 election to extend the service plan for 20 years.

The 1,000-acre unincorporated area, surrounded on all sides by Redlands, has been the source of disputes for years over who should provide services and how to split the tax revenue. The property includes a Kohl's store and is slated for further development.

Redlands officials have considered annexing the land but are waiting until after the election before submitting an annexation proposal to the Local Agency Formation Commission.

Redlands Mayor Karl N. "Kasey" Haws told the board Tuesday that he supported the plan.

"I think we should recognize that government is capable of acting responsibly and taking a very, very difficult problem, wrestling it to the ground and coming up with an agreement that works for everybody," he said.

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