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A 'Producers' reteaming for N.Y.?

August 14, 2003|From Associated Press

NEW YORK — Compared with the millions they pay Tom, Julia or even that guy running for governor of California, Broadway salaries just aren't in the same show-biz league.

Yet those unattributed reports swirling through New York newspapers that Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick will each pull down a cool $100,000 a week to return to "The Producers" for a three-month stint could up the paychecks for those few performers who really can sell tickets on Broadway.

Can we talk specifics?

Well, no.

Getting actors or their agents or producers to talk about how much money stars make is a lot harder than getting them to talk about their sex lives or their drug and alcohol problems.

"No one will speak on the record," Adrian Bryan-Brown, a veteran New York press agent, admonished a reporter in search of exact figures on a star's (any star's) weekly paycheck.

He's right. Several producers were willing to talk, but only off the record and not for attribution. Several expressed doubts that Lane and Broderick will make that much.

According to the latest Actors' Equity figures, the minimum salary for a performer in a Broadway play or musical is $1,354 a week and it goes up from there. How high depends on how good a performer's agent is or how many tickets a producer thinks a star can sell.

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