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Scheer and Nader on Davis Recall

August 14, 2003

Re "Make the Recall Count," Commentary, Aug. 12: Robert Scheer must be insane if he truly believes Gov. Gray Davis is a conservative. True, Davis has not been as nutty-left-wing as his mentor Jerry Brown was, and Davis is not in the John Burton-Jackie Goldberg-Maxine Waters mold. But a conservative he is not.

As a real conservative, I am insulted to have Davis referred to as one. Granted, Scheer did write "conservative Democrat," but Davis' performance is hardly that of a conservative anything.

Davis will soon be an ex-governor not because of his politics but because of his gross incompetence in office and his deliberate campaign lies to the electorate in 2002. This populist, grass-roots voter revolt puts all but federal elected officials on notice: If we the people catch you in a material lie to us, we will throw you out of office.

Jerry Hermes

San Diego


I am a born-and-bred Californian and I love this state. I think Scheer is right. Davis is a terrible governor in many ways. The recall, however, is disastrous. I actually wanted to get Davis out of office about a year ago but did not realize, as many others didn't, what damage to California we were going to cause. Not to mention the embarrassing zoo of replacement candidates that would appear. I will probably vote to keep Davis in office until the next "real" election just to avoid this farce of a race for his replacement.

Elizabeth Brady Woods



Well, well, well -- look who has returned from fantasyland. Ralph Nader. During his last visit to our planet he facilitated the election of the Bush administration. Now he's exhorting Californians to enjoy the recall. Really? One wonders if Sir Ralph will stick around long enough to run for president again, or will he retreat to impressing college freshman on the lecture circuit ?

Frank Ferrone

El Cajon


How do we get Nader to move to California so that he could run for governor in 2006?

Ed Schlossman

Thousand Oaks


Just one question: Where is Nader's ivory tower?

Bonnie Ross

Sherman Oaks

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