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Widening the Freeways for the Greater Good

August 14, 2003

Re "Freeway Expansion Revisited," Aug. 12: My parents' mini-ranch was where the 405 and the 101 freeways cross, and for there to be a freeway, a few families had to move for the benefit of the many. Third lane over, you drive through our former dining room. Flying low over Santa Monica, I could see where that freeway was to be built, because of the brown lawns no longer cared for because the state had bought the property.

What has happened to this generation that we no longer think or care for the greater good? There would be no freeways if it were not for some of those who sacrificed for the good of the many. Buy the property and widen the lanes for the greater good of our community.

W. Lee Truman



Air quality going south? Enlarge the freeways. Make room for more cars. Brought to us by the folks who spend our tax money.

Jim Houghton


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