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Orange County Grade 3

August 16, 2003

Orange County Report Card

In California, about 4.5 million public school students in grades 2 through 11 took tests last spring tied to the state's academic standards in English/language arts, math, science and history/social science.

For the first time, students also took the California Achievement Test/Sixth Edition, known as the CAT/6. That compared students against a national sample in reading, language skills, math, spelling and science.

In addition, schools had to meet new criteria, including test score targets, for "adequate yearly progress" under the federal No Child Left Behind education law. For example, in many schools, 12% of students had to be proficient in English/language arts and 12.8% proficient in math. Proficiency means students have a strong mastery of their grade-level's material. Schools that repeatedly miss targets may face corrective actions, especially those that receive Title I federal aid for educating low-income students.

Readers who want to know how a school in Orange County is doing can use this listing of scores as a gauge. These are results for individual grades, not the entire school.

Results for all grades, schools and districts are available on the Internet at

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