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Bruin, Trojan Fans Get Season Started Early

August 16, 2003

Much to my surprise, I opened Tuesday's Times and found an article on UCLA football.

I was amazed that the headline wasn't, "Bruins Decide to Field Team This Year."

From reading The Times the last month, you would think that USC was the only college football program in town and that UCLA had decided to drop football because the Trojans had their first top-five team (final AP poll) in 23 years.

Craig Dunkin

La Crescenta


I am gratified to know that Coliseum officials are protecting USC fans from terrorists who are attempting to smuggle in atomic weapons in binocular cases. This could, obviously, result in great loss of life and property.

Of course, the Rose Bowl does not have this problem at UCLA games because any damage would be negligible.

Gary A. Robb

Los Feliz

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