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It Is Easy to Tracy the Dodgers' Problems

August 16, 2003

Like most Dodger fans, I'm ecstatic about the recent Dodger resurgence. The fact that they have turned things around and are making a serious run at a wild-card playoff spot is admirable.

However, if they fail to make the playoffs, the blame should rest squarely on the shoulders of one man: Jim Tracy. His failure to use basic coaching strategy is befuddling. His team can't score runs and the very concept of manufacturing them is not in his repertoire. Time and again, the Dodgers fail to bunt runners over.

If the Dodgers fail to win this wild card, I will look to last night's (Aug. 12) loss to the Marlins as the season in a nutshell: In the sixth inning of a 4-4 tie, Beltre starts things off with a single. Next, Burnitz strikes out. Why not bunt Beltre over to second and put him in scoring position? Of course, Cora steps up with one out and doubles to center. If Burnitz bunts, Beltre scores on Cora's hit. Rather, Beltre makes it to third, only to be left there when Kinkade and Roberts fly out. Enough said.

Brian Landun

Los Angeles


After yet another extra-inning loss, Dodger Manager Jim Tracy referred to the defeat as "gut wrenching."

That is a feeling that Dodger fans have grown accustomed to during Tracy's underachieving three-year reign.

Jack Wolf



It's obvious why the Dodgers are playing better baseball of late and are in the playoff chase. They haven't played the San Diego Padres in more than a month.

Charles Kovac



It was good to see Eric Karros back in Dodger Stadium, especially since he was in a Cub uniform. His 0-for-10 batting performance for the weekend reminded me that the only part of the trade I regretted was losing Mark Grudzielanek.

George Eazell


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