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Stay there

August 17, 2003

In regards to the comments of the over-hyped and unfunny Jon Stewart, in which he said you can't trust people in L.A. and there is no purpose for the city ("He's Big Apple to the Core," Aug. 10).

I have two reactions. 1) If this is a joke, as usual with Stewart, its point is not clever and misses the mark. 2) If this is not a joke, I wonder why New Yorkers feel it's their right to trash Angelenos without thought.

No purpose for L.A.? He says New York is a harbor town -- that is its purpose. Guess what, Jon? L.A. has the busiest harbor in the U.S. if not the world.

Here's a message to New Yorkers: We know why you hate us -- because we are the only city in the U.S. that can challenge your greatness. If we don't have it now, keep watching. In the next 50 years, Los Angeles will be the greatest city in the world.

With all the New Yorkers living here, one of our purposes must be to provide a better place to live than the Big Apple.

Adam White


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