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Leisure World's Plan to Sell Its Only Horse Stable Should Be Reined In

August 17, 2003

Re "Leisure World Riders Bridle at Threat to Stables," Aug. 4:

So greed has now reached Leisure World with the possible sale of the retirement community's only horse stable.

How sad that the directors would put money over the emotional needs and health of their citizens.

I thought retirement communities were for enhancing the lives of senior citizens.

Please don't take away their special sanctuary. Golden Rain Foundation directors, where is your conscience?

L. Gibbs

Laguna Beach


In consideration of the few residents who use the Leisure World Equestrian Center, the program could be continued and, if necessary, supported at another facility. Leisure World can retain ownership of the valuable property and lease it for a long-term, acceptable commercial development. In this way we keep an important community asset and create a continuing source of income.

Land is not replaceable, and once it is sold and the funds used for other projects, residents will have nothing to fall back on and will face continued increases in our monthly assessment.

Ben Berman

Laguna Woods

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