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The Laws Are for All, Including Immigrants

August 17, 2003

Re "Memo Curbs Arrests of Immigrants," Aug. 13: In your article you quote Mexicans asking if it is safe to go to the laundermat, supermarket, school or swimming lessons. The legal answer is no, if you are here illegally. Since American citizens whose ancestors have been in this country for generations are not allowed to disobey its laws, why should illegal immigrants expect, or receive, different treatment? I have sympathy for and do not blame those who come here through sieve-like borders, nor would I report them. We have a Border Patrol and a Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement charged with that responsibility, but neither is allowed to do its job.

I save my ire for the politicians, from the president on down, who are groveling for the Latino vote at an expense to our own citizens, ranging from overcrowded schools to an overloaded health-care system.

My wish for those south of the border is that they stay and work in their own country toward getting the good government they deserve. As for our own citizens, be aware that no politician will risk the minority vote until we let them know in no uncertain terms that we put legal citizens first. We do that with our voice and our vote -- over and over and over again until they know we mean it.

Bette Balliet

Mission Viejo


Re "Maywood Traffic Stops Are Protested," Aug. 13: The law is: You must be a licensed driver to drive an automobile; you must register your vehicle; you must have automobile insurance. Obeying the law = no problem.

I wish every city would enact these checkpoints. It would probably eliminate one-third of the cars on the road, thus providing ample parking spaces and free-flowing freeways. You can sign me: A licensed driver, payer of registration fees, payer of insurance premiums.

George Poisson

Diamond Bar

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