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President Bush Has Let Down Our Country

August 17, 2003

Though I never met President Bush, he seems like a pretty nice guy. The problem is that he is a lousy president. He inherited a strong economy. We are now mired in one of the worst recessions ever. After Al Qaeda destroyed the World Trade Center, he went after Saddam Hussein. He was successful in deposing Hussein, but Osama bin Laden is still at large. Remember him?

I have to wonder if invading Iraq and replacing its regime was Bush's way of giving the American people a consolation prize for failing to apprehend Bin Laden. It certainly was a distraction from the fact that he has mishandled the economy, endangered the environment and eroded our civil rights.

Jeffrey L. Hoffer

Westlake Village


The rebuilding of Iraq could cost close to $600 billion. That should make one wonder what our country's school systems would look like if they were funded with an additional $600 billion, but then we are only Americans.

Panfilo Fuentes


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