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In the Running for California Governor

This is one in a series of reports profiling the candidates running for governor in the recall election.

August 18, 2003

John J. "Jack" Hickey

Age: 69

Party: Libertarian

Occupation: Advocate and political activist; retired research scientist

Residence: Emerald Hills

Family: Married, seven children, three grandchildren

Education: High school graduate.

Career highlights: U.S. Navy, 1953-57; semiconductor industry researcher for Hugle Industries, now Unicorp; holds 28 patents for high-speed electro-optics; founder of Political Advocacy Watch.

Quote: "My chances of winning are about the same as the chances the people who started the recall had of getting it on the ballot. No one thought they could do it either."


Stephen C. Knapp

Age: 31

Party: Republican

Occupation: Laser engineer

Residence: Los Gatos

Family: Married

Education: B.S. in physics, University of the South, Tennessee, 1994.

Career highlights: Peace Corps volunteer in Fiji, 1994-96, teaching science and math; works on developing ultraviolet laser technology for use in cell phones and other devices.

Quote: "Californians are disappointed with the $38-billion deficit, and I'm calling for common sense and fiscal responsibility. I don't run my household in deficit, and the state shouldn't do it either."


Darryl L. Mobley

Age: 46

Party: Nonpartisan

Occupation: Magazine publisher

Residence: Danville

Family: Married, three children

Education: B.S. in mechanical engineering, West Point, 1978; MBA, Webster University in Missouri, 1979.

Career highlights: Captain in the Army Military Intelligence Corps, 1978-1983; worked for Procter & Gamble, 1983-1991; founded Family Digest magazine, 1996.

Quote: "It's time for folks who can get the job done to step forward. People have no hope, no chance to move up, and we need solutions."

Robert C. Newman II

Age: 59

Party: Republican

Occupation: Lilac farmer/retired psychologist

Residence: Redlands

Family: Married, two children, two grandchildren

Education: B.A. in chemistry, San Diego State, 1968; master's in research and theoretical psychology, San Diego State, 1970; PhD in psychology, California. School of Professional Psychology in San Diego, 1975.

Career highlights: Psychologist specializing in child psychology and post-traumatic stress disorder, 1976-95; former director of San Bernardino County Health Department's child and adolescent day treatment program.

Quote: "When I was seeking the Lord's direction and guidance in how I could prepare [for being governor], the Lord responded, 'Read my word.' People must seek God's direction in their lives."


Bryan Quinn

Age: 20

Party: Republican

Occupation: Student, University of the Pacific

Residence: Los Gatos

Family: Single

Career highlights: Clerk at father's high-tech firm. Has been a car salesman.

Quote: "It doesn't matter where a great idea comes from.... If it can save the state billions of dollars, I'm all for it. The state should be run like a business, and any business that is losing that much money should file for bankruptcy."


Daniel C. Ramirez

Age: 59

Party: Democrat

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Residence: Calexico

Family: Married, two children

Education: High school graduate; studied to be a deacon at UC San Diego, 1987-89.

Career highlights: U.S. Marine Corps, 1964-69; founded San Diego Auto Mart, which refurbishes and exports used school buses to Mexico.

Quote: "The whole idea with this is to wake up the sleeping giant in California, which is the 15 million pro-life Democratic, Hispanic voters. If we can do that, we have succeeded."

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