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August 18, 2003|Larry Stewart

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What: "Do I Get a Drop?"

Authors: Doug and Russell.

Publisher: Tee-Time Publications.

Price: $9.95.

A lot of golfers may think that the rules of golf belong in a comic book. Well, this 44-page book looks like a comic book. However, the Australian publisher claims that it is not meant to be a comic book. It is described as an illustrated guide to the rules of golf.

Doug and Russell are the two characters in the book. Russell's knowledge of the rules is that of the average golfer -- pretty poor. Unlike the average golfer who is happy in his ignorance of the rules, Russell wants to learn the rules and asks questions of his "know-all" partner Doug.

The real Doug, an accountant, is the author of the book (no last names are given).

Maybe it's Doug's analytical accountant's mind that helps him transform the complicated rules of golf into an understandable format, with illustrated questions and answers.

For example, a strip on Page 35 shows Russell looking at his ball, which is up against a fence.

Russell: "My ball is up against a fence, Doug. Can I take a drop?"

Doug: "Yes, Russell. As it is not an out-of-bounds fence, it is an immovable obstruction -- one club length relief."

In another strip dealing with obstructions, Doug explains to Russell why he gets a drop off a sprinkler head just off a green. Then in the next strip Doug explains to Russell why he does not get a drop off gravel washed off an artificial path. He only gets to move the loose impediments.

The book also deals with rules regarding tee shots, ground under repair, bunkers, water hazards, greens, out of bounds and the many other aspects of the complicated game of golf.

Information: www.doigeta

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