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Behind the Gray, Surprising Color

August 22, 2003|Patt Morrison

News item:

"I had a mad crush. Well, we made out on the sand in Hawaii and he became my inspiration. He wrote me these wonderful long letters ... and I saved them forever. I still have them in my scrapbook." -- Actress Cybill Shepherd, on the unsuspected romantic depths 36 years ago of now-Gov. Gray Davis, on CNN's "Inside Politics"


From the secret diaries of Gray Davis, humanitarian and bon vivant:

Aug. 19

Wish Cybill hadn't talked about that. Don't want to be remembered as the make-out artist of Maui. That's why I wore that blue blazer over T-shirt, even on the beach -- camouflage. If people thought I was "Mr. Charisma" or "Mr. Warm and Cuddly," I could never get the job done.

Aug. 27

Sent flowers as belated apology to Madonna for missing her b-day party this year. Said she understands how busy I am right now, but that it wasn't the same without me -- nobody else can keep up on the dance floor or do that trick with the champagne and hard-boiled eggs. Said next year she'll bring party to me. Sent love to Sharon.

Sept. 1

Sneaked toolbox out of garage and dodged security detail. Took bus to Labor Day Habitat for Humanity event. Re-roofed some poor people's houses. Nobody recognized me in hard hat and work goggles. A lot of fun -- stayed so long almost missed my Monday night Meals on Wheels shift.

Sept. 10

Callback from Bill Gates with details about restructuring state debt on the QT to cut deficit by 30 bil. Said it was least he could do after I suggested he call it "Windows" instead of "AppleStinks." Told him he deserves Nobel Prize in economics. Right back atcha, he said.

Sept. 19

Campaign visit to San Diego. Managed to slip into Red Cross blood bank again in Santee, Sharon's hometown. This makes 16 gallons in two years. Docs say it's risky so soon after last time, but when they call you about a sick kid with same rare blood type, who can say no? Wish it didn't make me look so pale -- thankfully, people seem to believe that lame excuse that I spend all my time indoors at fund-raisers.

Sept. 27

Going through closets for clothes to donate to homeless -- found note Mother Teresa must have slipped into coat pocket when I visited her at the Scripps Clinic after her heart surgery. What a dynamo, what a soul, what a sweetie. Forgot she called me "Graydie" -- "Graydie," she used to say, "Vun day de vorld vill know you as de vunderful man I know you are." Think about her every day during meditation.

Sept. 29

Rescued neighbor's cat from their tree again. Glad they didn't catch me at it like last time -- had to lie and tell them I was stealing avocados.

Oct. 2

Got off phone with Prince William. Said he'd love to come show the flag for me, after what I did for his mother, but don't want him in this mess. Wouldn't do for future king of England to get caught up in politics in the old colonies! Thanked me again for sending back Diana's letters but really, what else would a gentleman do? Was just trying to comfort her during rough times. Sharon knows it was unrequited -- poor little rich girl.

Oct. 7

Election day. Sharon and I went early to polling place. Didn't vote for myself, as usual. Just not sporting.

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