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Man Gets 6-Month Jail Sentence for Elder Abuse

August 23, 2003|Karima A. Haynes | Times Staff Writer

An Encino man, who was drunk and irate when he beat up his 83-year-old stepfather, was sentenced to six months in jail, Los Angeles City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo announced Friday.

Jon Turitz, 46, pleaded no contest to one count of elder abuse during a court appearance on Thursday in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Judge Leland Harris also ordered Turitz to serve three years' probation and to obey weapons and protective orders.

He was immediately taken to Los Angeles County Jail.

On July 22, the stepfather, who was not identified, had asked Turitz to leave the home they had been sharing after Turitz had become increasingly intoxicated and belligerent, said Deputy City Atty. Panagiotis Panagiotou.

Turitz left the residence, but returned a short time later, forced a door open and beat his stepfather on the head and upper body, Panagiotou said.

Police officers later found the stepfather with extensive cuts and bruises on his face, head and arms.

"I have made it a priority to ensure the safety of seniors and prosecute crimes against the elderly and dependent adults," Delgadillo said. "My office will continue to track and aggressively prosecute crimes against our senior citizens."

The city attorney's office began collecting data on crimes involving elderly victims in June in an effort to fight elder abuse.

The most common types of crimes against seniors include health-care fraud, identity theft, construction scams, credit card fraud and check forgery, Delgadillo said.

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