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Cruz Bustamante's Role in the Recall Election

August 23, 2003

Re "A Double-Edged Sword for Latinos," Commentary, Aug. 20: I agree with Kenneth Miller's view that Latinos/Latinas need to reorganize their priorities and focus on making Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante a strong and probable replacement in case the governor is indeed recalled. We Latinos need to stop wasting our energy on fighting UC Regent Ward Connerly's Proposition 54.

Oct. 7 is right around the corner. Latinos/Latinas and most other minorities need not worry that their backgrounds and experiences will become completely disregarded. Even if Proposition 54 does pass, how can you hide the "race" or "background" of a name like Hernandez or Wong?

As a Democrat, a Latino and one who believes that everyone's life experience is unique, I will do everything humanly possible to keep the elected governor in Sacramento. But in case this silly recall does pass, I am focused on making sure that Democratic California knows that the most qualified replacement is to be found in Bustamante.

Adrian Juarez



Re "Tax Hikes Key to Bustamante Economic Plan," Aug. 20: I've got news for Cruz. The term "tough love" for California may be a catchy slogan, but he has it all wrong. Tough love is generally employed to rein in out-of-control teens. I find his use of the term with respect to this state and presumably its citizens overly paternal and demeaning. The only area of California that's out of control is Sacramento, with its tax-and-spend politics as usual. Perhaps Bustamante and his ilk need a little tough love themselves.

Kerry Donovan



As a long-time California small manufacturer who has endured and still continues to endure the ever-accelerating customer-base flight from the state, the doubling of energy costs, the obscene workers' compensation increases, the ever-escalating (both in number and cost) license and "permit" requirements and fees, health insurance abuses, sales tax increases, fuel and disposal "surcharges," personal leave and living-wage legislation and proposals and the present campaign rhetoric for increasing business property tax and requiring business to shoulder an even larger health-care burden, I believe that I fully understand "tough." My question is, where is the "love"?

Marshall Barth

Huntington Park


Bustamante is in the pockets of the Indian tribes and, for that reason, this Democrat will not vote for him. If Bustamante and the other politicians in Sacramento wise up and give other corporations the right to open casinos in California (they will pay taxes), the state would be better off. He gets thousands of dollars from the tribes. Are you going to give the tribes more slots, Mr. Bustamante?

Ron Bitonti



Re "Coverage Fixes On Different Angles" (Aug. 19), on how the "Spanish-language media's focus differs markedly from that of general outlets," I would like to know the lieutenant governor's position on the cost to taxpayers of the state for illegal immigration, the cost to the taxpayer for the cost of medical expenses that legal residents have to pay for illegals and the cost of law enforcement to the Latino gang problem that plagues California, especially the Southland. Oh, let me guess, these aren't the "issues" Bustamante wishes to address. Driver's licenses for illegal aliens ... what's next?

Robert Bender

Sherman Oaks

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