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It's Early, but We're Already Breaking the Ice

August 23, 2003

Once again the L.A. Times Sports section shows its contempt for the 2003 Western Conference champion Mighty Ducks of Anaheim.

Not only are the Sergei Fedorov news conference article and photos on the second-to-last page (no room on the front with NASCAR, De La Hoya and Lamar Odom having more importance), but the large photo is atrocious. Sergei has the away jersey over his head; you can see part of his face but you wouldn't know it was him because his name and number are not visible.

Had Fedorov signed with the Kings, I'm certain that this same article and a better picture would have been on the front above the fold or even had a full-page spread.

Dale Jamieson



Larry Stewart normally does not mention much about hockey in his TV-radio coverage and now I know why.

In Friday's article he gets a jab in at Fox Sports Net because they are going to televise more King games than Duck games. He suggests that the people at Fox Sports don't realize that the Ducks made it to the Cup finals. What he fails to mention is that the Ducks had the second-lowest attendance figures in the league and most Los Angeles hockey fans follow the more established and entertaining Kings. They even outdraw Duck fans in Anaheim.

One season did not change the landscape of sports in this town. Just ask the Angels.

Bruce Fox

Santa Clarita

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