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What Has Odom Done to Earn This Money?

August 23, 2003

So, J.A. Adande [Aug. 21] says "the Clippers must sign Lamar Odom to stay competitive."

Adande must be smoking the same pipe as Odom, who is a very good player, when he wants to be. Most of the time, he is lethargic and lackadaisical. It's also hard for Odom to contribute anything to the team while being suspended for drug use. Odom should be traded for a legitimate player who could play every day, and not be a problem off the court.

And last, but not least: J.A., when have the Clippers ever been competitive?

D.S. Adam



The reason Jerry Buss has championship rings all over his hand and Donald Sterling has half of L.A. in his back pocket and that J.A. Adande is left writing for the L.A. Times is that they don't listen to J.A.'s advice.

J.A., signing Lamar Odom for $63 million won't change one thing in Clipperdom and you are nuts to think otherwise.

Rob Hamers



If a writer for the Los Angeles Times worked less than 50% of the time, did not comply with the company's drug treatment program and still remained a mystery to the editor and other writers, would such an employee be retained and provided a significant raise? I would assume not.

Hopefully, the Clippers and Donald Sterling would agree accordingly, regarding Lamar Odom.

Wayne Muramatsu


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