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Tiger's Attitude Is Not Up to Par

August 23, 2003

Did Thomas Bonk actually watch Tiger Woods in the first two rounds of the PGA before he wrote, "You have to give Woods credit, because he has handled his discomfort with skill and grace?"

During those rounds, Tiger frequently acted surly and discourteously. Many times, he threw his club toward his caddie in disgust or slammed it into the ground. Every missed putt resulted in frowns and looks of disbelief. He was behaving like an ill-mannered junior member. Then, on a short par-four, he tried to drive the green while the group in front was putting -- just about the most discourteous act in golf. His drive was just off to the side of the green, distracting a player preparing to putt.

Too bad that a player of his skills cannot behave with the grace and good humor of most of the other top players in the world.

Dave Nuttall

Rancho Palos Verdes


First, relative unknown Ben Curtis wins the British Open. Now an unlikely candidate in Shaun Micheel wins the PGA Championship. If somehow, somewhere, in some time continuum, this incredible underdog streak can transcend golf and mesh with an NBA schedule, I can envision only one thing.

A June victory parade starring the Clippers?

Mark J. Featherstone

Windsor Hills

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