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For Pete's Sake, He's Not Worried

August 23, 2003

The Trojans have an inexperienced quarterback and an untested tailback. I should be worried. I would be, if it weren't for Coach Pete Carroll. He's a great coach and I think he's attracting talented players.

If Coach Carroll says, "It's going to be fun to watch," I think he already sees something that resembles a winning season. It's going to be tough getting by Auburn in the first game, but even that should be fun to watch.

Robert H. Williams

Monterey Park


Well, thank goodness one of the nation's biggest problems has finally been solved. No, not the Northeast blackout or the California recall, but USC has decided who will be its starting quarterback. Now that Matt Leinart has been anointed, we can all go back and face the mundane realities of our lives.

Ralph S. Brax


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