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Los Angeles Times List For August 24, 2003

August 24, 2003



*--* 1 The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown (Doubleday: $24.95) A 1 21 Louvre curator's killing leads to clues hidden in Leonardo's paintings and a secret society with something to hide

2 The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger (Doubleday: 2 17 $21.95) A recent college grad puts up with a nightmare of a boss at a high-fashion magazine

3 The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark 6 4 Haddon (Doubleday: $22.95) After being falsely accused, the novel's teen autistic narrator looks for the real murderer of a neighbor's poodle

4 A Place of Hiding by Elizabeth George (Bantam, Doubleday 7 3 Dell: $26.95) Deborah and Simon St. James try to clear her old friends in the death of an expatriate millionaire

5 Street Dreams by Faye Kellerman (Warner: $25.95) -- 1 Detectives investigate a long-ago murder in Germany and search for the mother of an abandoned baby

6 Trading Up by Candace Bushnell (Hyperion: $24.95) Model 3 6 Janey Wilcox doesn't let marriage to an entertainment exec get in the way as she hones her social climbing skills

7 To the Nines by Janet Evanovich (St. Martin's Press: 9 5 $25.95) New Jersey bounty hunter Stephanie Plum is on the trail of an Indian contract worker who has gone missing

8 Blindside by Catherine Coulter (Putnam: $25.95) Married 8 2 FBI agents are on the trail of a serial killer who targets math teachers until a friend's son is kidnapped

9 Naked Empire by Terry Goodkind (Tor Books: $29.95) 5 3 Intrigue, violence and conflict face the beautiful Kahlan Amnell and husband Richard Rahl, the heroic Sword of Truth

10 The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold (Little, Brown: $21.95) 4 60 A murdered girl tells the story of her grieving family still learning to cope, the killer and the detective who hunts him

11 The Dogs of Babel by Carolyn Parkhurst (Little, Brown: 11 7 $21.95) A man tries to teach the family dog to talk after realizing the canine is the only witness to his wife's fatal fall from a tree

12 Angels and Demons by Dan Brown (Atria: $17.95) A Harvard -- 1 scholar uncovers a vendetta against the Catholic Church

13 Lake House by James Patterson (Little, Brown: $27.95) Six 12 10 children survive years of captivity and yearn to be with the couple who saved them in this sequel to "When the Wind Blows."

14 Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear (Soho Press: $24) A -- 1 working-class heroine turned detective finds romance and intrigue in World War I-era England

15 The Teeth of the Tiger by Tom Clancy (Putnam: $27.95) -- 1 Young Jack Ryan Jr. enters the covert world to track down terrorists in a far more dangerous world than his father ever knew




*--* 1 Kate Remembered by A. Scott Berg (Putnam: $25.95) 1 5 Katharine Hepburn reveals more about her legendary life in this book postponed until after her death

2 Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer (Doubleday: 3 4 $26) The shadowy world of Mormon fundamentalism that led two men to kill their brother's family on what they believed were direct orders from God

3 Benjamin Franklin by Walter Isaacson (Simon & Schuster: 2 6 $30) A new look at the printer turned statesman, both a pragmatist and an ambitious self-promoter

4 The Essential 55 by Ron Clark (Hyperion: $19.95) Rules 4 7 devised by an award-winning teacher to promote successful learning, manners and accountability in the classroom

5 Treason by Ann Coulter (Crown Forum: $26.95) The 7 7 conservative pundit contends liberals have been on the wrong side of every foreign policy issue from the Cold War to the war on terrorism

6 Living History by Hillary Rodham Clinton (Simon & 6 10 Schuster: $28) The senator and former first lady's memoirs, from her courtship with Bill Clinton to her rocky years in the White House

7 Seabiscuit by Laura Hillenbrand (Random House: $25.95) 11 36 How three men transformed a Thoroughbred from an also-ran to an American sports icon

8 The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren (Zondervan: 8 23 $19.99) How the principles of worship, community, discipleship, ministry and evangelism lead to a fulfilled life

9 Schott's Original Miscellany by Ben Schott (Bloomsbury: 12 2 $14.95) A compendium of just about everything you always wanted to know

10 The Kennedy Curse: Why America's First Family Has Been 5 5 Haunted by Tragedy for 150 Years by Edward Klein (St. Martin's Press: $24.95) A chronicle of the tragedies of a dynasty

11 The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle (New World Library: 10 48 $21.95) How to improve relationships and encourage contentment by living in the present

12 Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson (Putnam: $19.95) -- 152 The co-author of "The One-Minute Manager" uses the parable of mice in a maze to discuss managing change

13 A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson -- 8 (Broadway: $27.50) An entertaining guide to the great moments in the history of science, from the Big Bang to the present day

14 Good to Great by Jim Collins (HarperCollins: $27.50) How -- 33 a great product, a healthy corporate culture and a disciplined work force can propel a company to success

15 Leap of Faith by Queen Noor (Miramax Books: $25.95) The -- 15 life and times of a Princeton student of Arab parentage who is courted by a king and becomes Jordanian royalty


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