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'Brownie's Summer Vacation'

August 24, 2003|By Martha Tolles | Special to The Times

My folks were going on a vacation, but they weren't planning to take me.

"A dog could be a problem," Mom said.

"Oh, please." Sue threw her arms around me. "I'll take care of Brownie every minute."

Actually, I'd take care of her. I thumped my tail hopefully.

So that's how I got to go in the car with my folks all the way to Montana. I loved the air, the scents, the excitement.

We stayed in a motel with little cabins. Sue and I raced around in a meadow by a lake. There were big mountains and blue sky. I liked to travel.

The next day my family decided to go up in the mountains. "We'll look for huckleberries," Mom said.

Up in a high pass they parked the car and climbed out. They found some berries right away. Mom and Dad moved on ahead, busy picking. I stayed with Sue.

All of a sudden there was a big rustling in the bushes. "Is that you, Dad?" Sue asked.

But it wasn't. A big animal stepped out. Was he an overgrown deer or what? He had lots of big horns on his head. He might want Sue's bucket of berries. He might even want Sue.

"Gr-r-r-r-r," I growled.

"Dad, Mom," Sue screamed.

I rushed toward the animal. "Get out of here," I barked. What do you know? He turned and ran. I'd spooked him.

"Sue, Brownie." The parents rushed toward us. "Quick, come to the car."

"Brownie scared him away," Sue said.

"Brownie is a hero," Dad exclaimed. "That was a moose."

A moose! I raced to the car and jumped in fast. Then I hung out of the window and barked good and loud, just to warn him I'd be after him again sometime. After all, I was the one who took care of Sue.

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