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Another Look at Benny Hinn

August 24, 2003

The constitutional guarantees of freedom of speech and religion unfortunately are abused by all kinds of fanatics and Elmer Gantrys who believe that it is more blessed to give than receive, provided they are the recipients ("The Price of Healing," by William Lobdell, July 27). Surrounded by opulence, the ranks of televangelists such as Benny Hinn have swollen to thousands--a veritable herd of "holy" cows who command unmerited reverence from the followers they are fleecing.

Cuthbert Mann



Some of Hinn's good friends are my close friends. I also know his lawyer. The bottom line is that Hinn works constantly. He lives in airplanes and hotel rooms. I can't imagine that he has much time to enjoy his Mercedes-logo cell phone and SUV, or to shuffle around his oceanfront estate. People give to his ministry voluntarily, not expecting intrusive disclosures or perfection. What they get is an atmosphere of healing. Hinn is the real deal.

Gary A. Perotin


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