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Where Are Credentials of Schwarzenegger?

August 24, 2003

I am fairly well known in my profession and have accumulated some wealth in my 61 years. I think I'll run for movie star. I will, of course, start at the top -- a male-action-hero leading man. Why not? When the producer asks for my acting credentials, I won't have any. When the director says I need to hit my marks, I will probably beat up my Groucho doll. When the director says, "Cut," I will look for scissors.

Who cares about experience, knowledge, ability to understand, background? What do you think this is, some important governmental leadership position? All I have to do is memorize a script -- you know, something someone else has written for me to say, and appear on the big screen. The rest will follow, and I will be a star. If you believe that, I know someone you can vote for, for governor.

Michael H. Miller

Los Angeles

Here's a thought. I'll agree to vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger if he agrees to donate all the proceeds from his product placements and endorsements toward the budget deficit. California's debt could then be erased without raising taxes.

Wendy Velasco


Your Aug. 20 "ad watch" says, "Schwarzenegger says nothing that can be easily challenged, offers no specific proposals and takes no real stand." Well, there's no need to worry about his qualifications to be governor.

Jim Papke


I watched Schwarzenegger's first press conference on Aug. 20 and find it incredible he still won't sign the no-new-taxes pledge. He claims to understand how difficult life is for the middle-class Californian, taxed from morning rise to evening sleep. Yet he won't stop the liberals' ever-growing lust for more taxes.

Bill Simon Jr. took the no-new-taxes pledge. For that, he gets my vote.

Lennie Louis


Arnold ... Arnold ... Arnold ... Arnold. Enough already!

Marilyn Noyes

West Los Angeles

Right now the main problem for state Sen. Tom McClintock (R-Thousand Oaks) is not Schwarzenegger but Simon. Simon is the largest threat to McClintock because he is siphoning off conservative votes. To have any chance to win the governorship, McClintock will have to neutralize the threat coming from Simon.

Here's how: propose to appeal Proposition 187 to the Supreme Court or order a new referendum on a new version of 187; propose to deploy the National Guard, California police officers or both to patrol the California-Mexico border for illegal aliens; promise that should he win, he will refuse to grant driver's licenses to illegal aliens; promise to try to prevent recognition of the matricula consular card in California.

Carl Jones


I am not happy that I paid more than $2 a gallon for gasoline recently. The price is set by supply and demand. The demand for gas of those driving SUVs and trucks is making the gas I buy more expensive, so I will vote for someone driving a low-gas-consuming hybrid. You've got my vote, Arianna Huffington.

Joseph Grodsky

Los Angeles

Go ahead. Recall Gov. Gray Davis. Replace him with your favorite actor, a porn star, a commissioner, a lieutenant governor or whoever. It doesn't matter. California's real problems lie in the initiative system itself.

When supporters of a bond initiative lie outright and say this won't raise our taxes, and shortsighted voters just vote 'em all in with a "yes on everything" mentality, we just keep compounding the problem. The fact that the voters signed petitions to oust the governor is just because they refuse to blame California's problems on themselves. Unfortunately, it may at this point be too late to fix the system. At some point, we are going to have the same problem Argentina did, an inability to make our debt payments.

Brian Trotter

Bishop, Calif.

Why don't we just go with Peter Ueberroth, be done with the silliness and get it right for once?

Joyce Sherwin


If there was ever a strong argument for a "None of the above" option on the ballot, the recall election with its bloated list of candidates is that argument.

Robert E. Presley

West Hills

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