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Edison Has Upgraded Power Infrastructure

August 24, 2003

Everyone will agree with your position regarding the urgent need to ensure adequate transmission capacity and to maintain system and service reliability in California and the West (editorial, Aug. 15). I take exception, however, with your assertion that "nothing has been done in the two years since the energy crisis shocked the state into recognizing the inherent dangers in its aging and overworked electric transmission grid." Southern California Edison, other utilities and state officials have recognized the need to expand and improve the regional transmission grid and have taken action to achieve this.

In the last five years, SCE has invested more than $3 billion in its 50,000-square-mile transmission and distribution system and anticipates making an additional $11-billion capital investment over the next decade. Despite the energy crisis' financial impact on SCE, we have annually invested in our system, frequently at rates in excess of those authorized by the California Public Utilities Commission. In fact, we have managed to increase our investment in transmission and distribution by more than 40%.

With regard to the reliability of the regional power grid, utilities throughout the West are working closely with the Western Electricity Coordinating Council to monitor overall grid dispatch and to ensure that all backup and shutdown systems function properly to prevent the cascading, systemwide load-shedding witnessed in the Eastern regional event.

Richard M. Rosenblum

Senior Vice President

Transmission and

Distribution, Southern

California Edison, Rosemead

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