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For State's Sake, the GOP Candidates Should Unite

August 25, 2003

As a Republican who has watched our once-great state disappear in an avalanche of liberal spending, anti-business regulations and benefits for illegal immigrants, I am demanding that the Republican candidates meet behind closed doors and endorse one candidate for all of us to rally around.

Only because Gov. Gray Davis blatantly lied about the deficit prior to the election, coupled with the tripling of the car tax, did the people -- Democrats and Republicans -- rise up and demand the governor be recalled. If we should go to all this expensive trouble just to replace one ultra-tax-and-spend liberal with another, then we deserve the bottomless pit of taxes and the exodus of the middle-class that is sure to follow with a Cruz Bustamante administration.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom McClintock and Peter Ueberroth should meet and then come out united behind one candidate. Otherwise I will hold them all responsible for California's ruination.

Robin Howard



Let me see if I got this right: Ueberroth wants to fix the political process, which is out of hand, and only finish out Davis' term, without pay (Aug. 16)? If so, this modern-day Cincinnatus has my vote.

Al Kravig

Van Nuys


Ueberroth, another "genius entrepreneur" with political ambitions, has given us a peek at his gubernatorial program, which he is calling "Jobs in California" ("Ueberroth Unveils Fiscal Plan for State," Aug. 20).

If you look closely at the few details he's offered, a 5% cut in the state's general fund [except education], as well as a hiring freeze and salary adjustments, this moderate Republican should call his plan "Low-Wage Jobs in California."

Making California attractive to entrepreneurs almost always means lowering taxes on businesses and cutting wages, neither of which would be good for the majority of working people.

Anthony Garavente

Los Angeles


Californians need to remember that a vote for Schwarzenegger is a vote for Warren Buffett and George Shultz. These two are calling the shots; Schwarzenegger will be off enjoying his billions somewhere.

Alda Pearson



If Schwarzenegger thinks that he's worthy of being the governor of California, why didn't he wait until a real election where he would be required to gain the majority of the votes in order to win? I would think that he would value the legitimacy that would confer, if he indeed believes that Californians want him as their leader.

Joshua Belsky

Santa Monica


There is an extremely important aspect of the campaign to recall Davis that the public needs to understand: The next governor has the ability to cut programs that are very popular, no matter what the Legislature says. When reviewing the annual budget passed by the Legislature, the governor cannot increase spending but can significantly reduce or eliminate spending for most programs. This power might be wielded by a governor elected by as little as 15% of the voters.

The candidates who proclaim budget cuts and tax cuts as the main or only solutions to the large budget deficit will have the power to seriously damage such institutions as education, health and public safety.

It is crucial to have a governor whose priorities do not include drastic reductions in valued public services, but who will fight to continue these services.

James L. Wood

San Diego

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