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Their 2 cents on his $11.50 For the price of my...

August 28, 2003

Their 2 cents on his $11.50

For the price of my L.A. Times subscription, I get Paul Brownfield's scintillating, clever comments about topics such as: the unwanted accessories that come with $11.50 admission at the Grove's Pacific Theaters ("For My Eleven-Fifty," Aug. 21) -- e.g., endless movie and product commercials, loud cellphone users, and a surreptitious $12 parking charge.

The L.A. Times and its subscribers are lucky to have such a talented observer-writer.

Doris N. Finck

Los Angeles


I just thought that Paul Brownfield would like to know that he could get a lot more for $11.50 at the Stadium 12 Pacific Theaters in Culver City. While the movie prices may be the same, parking is available in three nearby parking structures.

The first two hours are free, validations are available (extending the free time to four hours), and a friend who forgot to move his car before they locked up for the night only paid $8 to bail it out. The newly renovated downtown Culver City has several restaurants within walking distance of the movies.

We don't have a lot of upscale shopping in Culver City, but for a pleasant dinner-and-a-movie experience, you'll get more for $11.50 than at the Grove.

Martha Gunther

Culver City

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