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No shortage of e-date weirdness

August 28, 2003

Re "Lost on the Bad-Date Superhighway" by Samantha Bonar (Aug. 21): I became obsessed with perusing the AOL personal ads. From reading the ads, all women in L.A. have one thing in common. At least 99% of them write: "I HATE RAP MUSIC!!!!!" And they all use more than one exclamation point.

Ladies, what is the deal with this extreme dislike of this form of music?

AOL personals all ask another question: What celebrity do you look like? And almost all the women answer with this insipid answer: "I'm an individual and just look like myself." They all act like they are insulted by the question. C'mon ladies! Everyone looks like someone.

If you believe the ads, they all like Enya, salsa or country line dancing and live in the San Gabriel Valley. They have cats and love dolphins and butterflies. They read New Age self-help books. If this is the average available woman, just kill me now, please.

Clancy O'Hara



Loved Bonar's article. I too am trying online dating. And, sorry to say, I too received the "fun with buns" message from the REO Speedwagon lead singer look-alike (which was exactly my explanation to my friends).

Now the story is that much more funny ... in print!

N. Desrocher

Santa Monica


As a battle-scarred veteran of e-dating, I'm enjoying Bonar's articles. But I just wanted to put in my two cents. I was on "the circuit" for several years following a long-term relationship, and did meet my share of women. I never came off like a "psycho," a "perv" or an "impatient."

I could create my own category, called an average-looking, decently sized "nice guy" (usually the kiss of death), and encountered no small share of rudeness and flakiness from many women I approached. Keep in mind that I had an up-to-date picture. Basically what I'm saying is that this is definitely a two-way street where her categories don't apply to all of us.

While Internet dating is far from ideal, it can be just about the only way for people cooped up in intensive jobs (or shy people) to have "relationship" interaction.

And while I know Bonar's column has a humorous approach, it pretty much comes across as a slam against guys who have few recourses other than using Internet dating.

Daniel Schweiger


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