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He's Darren Us to Change Coverage

August 30, 2003

Can there be any doubt that if Tiger Woods' charge in the final round of the NEC Invitational had been successful, rather than sputtering, the story would have been front and center in Monday's sports section? Instead, Darren Clarke's notable four-stroke win over an outstanding international field was relegated to a short AP report on Page 8.

Meanwhile, the tiresome antics of a second-tier sprinter, playing the ugly American in Paris, was judged worthy of coverage on the front pages of both the news and sports sections. Fair and balanced?

Desmond Arthurs

Palos Verdes Estates


Hootie Johnson will let full-grown pine trees join the club at Augusta National, but he will still not admit a female member.

Vern Fagin

Studio City


In response to Thomas Bonk's Aug. 28 article on Tiger Woods and his chase of the record for major wins, I think Bonk is losing it.

He says the chances of Tiger still playing competitive golf in 10 years are almost nil or, "you can get better odds at Ben Curtis winning the Grand Slam." How does he know this? I guarantee you, Tiger will be playing in 10 years because he wants Jack Nicklaus' record.

Then Bonk goes on to say that if Tiger is playing in 10 years, it won't be for money. Duh! You think he's playing for the money now? He already has more than he will ever need.

After all this time, Bonk should report something new, not what even the average golf fan already knows.

Matt Butler

Redondo Beach

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