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December 21, 2003

'Mystery of the Egged House'

December 21, 2003|By Carol Farley | Special to The Times

Carrie and Carl are twins and Laketon's youngest detectives. They were talking as they walked to the video store. "Too bad this movie has to be back this morning," Carrie said. "We didn't even get to see it."

Carl sighed. "Yeah, that power outage messed up the whole neighborhood."

"Carrie! Carl!" Ashley Matson was calling. "Someone egged our house last night during the power outage. Mom said I could only have two friends over, so I couldn't invite Kaylin, Leslie or Myra. They were kind of upset. We thought we heard something right around 8, but everyone was running around looking for flashlights. Do you think one of them was mad enough to do this?"

Carrie was two years older, but she knew most of Ashley's friends. "We'll go talk to them and see what we can find out," she said.

First they asked Kaylin.

"Well, it's for sure that I didn't do it," Kaylin declared. "I'm allergic to eggs! Never go near them. Also I had to go with Mom to visit my grandmother. We left at 7 and were gone all night."

Leslie lived in the next house.

"I felt bad that I didn't get invited, but I would never throw eggs at a house," she said. "Besides, I couldn't have gone to Ashley's last night. I was so sick that I went to bed right after supper."

Myra shook her head when the twins talked to her. "It's too bad that somebody made such a mess. I've always liked Ashley and her family. So it wasn't me. Besides, I was watching TV all night."

Carrie and Carl hurried back to Ashley's. "We think we know who egged your front door," they told her.

Which girl do the twins suspect and why?

Solution: It was Myra.

Myra finally admitted that she had thrown six eggs at the front door. "I was mad that Ashley didn't invite me to her sleepover. They were making so much noise that they didn't even hear me." She sighed. "I guess the laugh is on me because Mom and Dad said I'm grounded for the next two months. And I have to clean up the mess I made too."

"The yolk's on you, all right," Carl told her.

Are you a good detective? If so, you figured out how the twins knew that Myra was not telling the truth. She had been so quick to give an alibi when the twins confronted her that she completely forgot about the power outage. She could not have been watching television.

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