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Seeing the Threat From N. Korea in a New Light

February 05, 2003

Re "A Nation Curses the Dark" (Feb. 1), on the North Korean power crisis: No mention was made of how much power is diverted to support the North Korean military; indeed, no mention was made of the military. It would be interesting to know if fuel that could be used for rusting cranes and for agricultural equipment was being diverted to power tanks and artillery.

David Blum

Kwang-Ju, South Korea


It is common knowledge that the production of weapons-grade uranium and plutonium requires huge amounts of electricity. In America, we use a significant percentage of our electrical output for such purposes. North Korea's electrical problems would tend to discredit claims that they are making such materials.

North Korea has a unique way of asking for help. Let's "be American" and go to its aid, even if asked in an unusual manner.

Alan Lipkin

Canoga Park

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