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Court Keeps Cheney's Energy Talks Shrouded

February 13, 2003

Re "Push for Cheney Energy Data Ends," Feb. 8: Considering the relevance to American life of Bush's energy policy, touching as it does a war in the Middle East, terrorism, a "noncrisis" in North Korea, international global warming treaties, California's fiscal woes, national forest policy and domestic oil drilling in fragile wildlife refuges (to name just a few), I find it appalling that the executive branch, with help from the courts, can thumb its nose at the General Accounting Office and refuse to reveal details of Vice President Dick Cheney's energy policy discussions.

The only thing worse is that The Times buried the article on Page A12. Bush's entire administration is about energy policy, and his vice president is refusing to be held accountable. If that isn't front-page news, I don't know what is.

Bill O'Neil



The Supreme Court rules that President Clinton, while in office, must respond to frivolous civil suits that expose his infidelity. Meanwhile, a federal court allows Cheney to hide his complicity in the rape of California by the energy companies.

Is there any justice? Or does the law simply not apply to Republicans?

Lon Shapiro

Granada Hills

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