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A Desperate Hussein Might Open the Doors of Hell

February 15, 2003

Americans today seem to be divided into two camps: pro-war with Iraq and anti-war. But both sides preface their arguments by agreeing on the same thing: Saddam Hussein must be removed. It certainly couldn't happen to a worthier guy, but I don't give a damn about Hussein's skin as much as I do about my own, and my loved ones and my millions of fellow Americans.

My principal fear is not so much what happens to Hussein as to us. If we attack him and he sees certain destruction facing him, why wouldn't he use those weapons of mass destruction we're told he has and take hundreds of thousands of us out with him, right here in our own homes? That's my overriding nightmare, and I can't understand why so few of us seem to share it.

Irving Stanton Elman

Pacific Palisades


Let's see. We fought a war against this country and as a part of the terms to end the war it agreed to leave its neighbors alone and not to rearm. It complained about our treatment of it and claimed that we are evil and the cause of its internal ills. It gassed and killed its own people, and sent thousands off to who knows where. It invaded its neighbors and inflicted crimes upon their populations. It rearmed, denied it and challenged us to find the weapons.

People in America said that this country was not a threat to us because it did not threaten us and did not have the means to directly attack us. But enough about Hitler and Nazi Germany. What about this other dictator with a mustache?

Anthony T. Dunn

San Diego


The issue in Iraq is not about war and peace, it's about whether we do it alone (with a few friends) or not. If we do it alone, we might as well disband the United Nations and whack every tyrant on this planet. If we do just that, it will be the beginning of the end of the great American empire, the only superpower in the world. By then, we can all say, "May God bless America."

Ed Trillo

South Gate


Here's why France won't let NATO defend Turkey in case of war (Feb. 11): Turkey is now a hostage. If the U.S. invades Iraq without France's approval, Turkey would be vulnerable to attack and the U.S. would be forced to defend it.

I wonder whether France would endanger any other NATO member so cavalierly. Is it because Turkey is the only Muslim NATO state?

Dan Schechter

Los Alamitos


Re "Bush Seems Unfazed by Setbacks," news analysis, Feb. 11: Unfazed? Young Georgie is downright thrilled. As the Old World skulks away in cowardice, our hero takes on all the evils in the world with overwhelming disdain for his former allies.

Too bad Bush and Hussein can't meet at high noon and decide who is a better marksman.

Sylvia Lamont



It becomes increasingly obvious that President Bush's demand for war with Iraq is in reality the start of his 2004 reelection campaign. The only thing that has reversed his falling ratings is his bellicose rantings against Hussein. For backup, should the war with Iraq go sour, he can go to a war with North Korea. If those two wars don't save him, he can always return to the war with Osama bin Laden and terrorism.

William Blanchard


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