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California Republicans Consider Campaign to Recall Gov. Davis

February 20, 2003

Re "GOP Hope: Dump Davis," Feb. 18: Are the Republicans serious? They want to spend time, effort and money to recall Gov. Gray Davis? Though Davis could have told us about the budget crisis during the election, California is not the only state with a budget problem. Republicans may also note that Enron had its hand in creating a lot of budget woes for this state, and it seems to go unpunished.

Perhaps the California Republicans can turn to their leader for fiscal responsibility. Oh, wait, President Bush is planning on having the largest deficit ever, along with a bad national economy. Guess we should plan on recalling him too.

Garth Hanson



If the Republicans had been able to lighten up on their ideology, they had a reasonable candidate in Richard Riordan. The Davis people knew that, so the Democrats focused on him in the primaries. Now the Republicans talk of a recall. I'm sure Davis has a substantial number of political worries, but it's hard to see how a recall by the political party that offered Bill Simon as a candidate can be one of them.

Bill Hasson

Santa Monica


Re "Recall Effort Hurts the State," editorial, Feb. 14: I beg to differ. The fact that Davis, as well as many of his predecessors, has been targeted by recall efforts tells us something: Californians are aware of the recall remedy and are not afraid to resort to it.

Whether the 900,000 signatures are collected or not, the threat of a recall vote remains a powerful tool to manage nonperforming governors like Davis. Either way, the message is clear: Shape up or ship out.

Ruben A. Vassolo

Santa Barbara


You've gone too far! How absurd that covering up (lying) about the state of the economy (before the election) can be justified, in your words, as "fudg[ing] the severity of the budget problem." Republicans, independents and even Democrats around the state should unite under the recall campaign and get control of the state back for the people.

Recall the bum!

Mike Wolschon

Granada Hills

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