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Clinton Wasn't Inactive; He Was Hamstrung

February 26, 2003

Re "Bush Is Solving Clinton's Problems," Opinion, Feb. 23: Max Boot's assertion that our current problems resulted from inactivity by President Clinton is as big a lie as I've ever seen in print. When Clinton launched a cruise missile directed at Osama bin Laden, the Republicans accused him of trying to take the focus off Monica Lewinsky. When he launched missiles at Iraq after it threw out the inspectors, Republicans complained that he overstepped his authority. Finally, while terrorists were plotting America's demise, Republicans were plotting to get details on Clinton's genitalia for that oh-so-significant Paula Jones suit.

Doug Hall

Los Angeles


Clinton came close to resolving the 50-year dispute between the majority of peace-loving people within Israel and the Palestinian territories. Unfortunately, he failed and warfare between Israelis and Palestinians resumed. President Bush, instead of using the Clinton plan as a point of departure for Middle East peace, is focused on war with Iraq. Before one problem is remediated, another is added, piling one mess on top of another. We employ our presidents to solve problems, not to make them more difficult.

Paul S. Cross

Huntington Beach

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