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July 02, 2003

I have always enjoyed Calvin Trillin's work (Matters of Taste, June 18) and have similar food tastes (I am also originally from Kansas City, and also lived in New York City for about 10 years). I gave the new book to my mom for Mother's Day and we are planning a trip to Ensenada for tacos. I also would recommend to him that if he feels like having chicken while in L.A., he should check out Zankou, the one in Glendale conveniently located next to the baklava factory.

Kathleen M. Wood

Los Angeles


The next time Mr. Trillin is in town, I would like to take him to Din Tai Fung, the best dumpling place in L.A. This restaurant has branches in Taipei, Tokyo and Arcadia, of all places.

You cannot find dumplings like these in New York City, and I should know, because that is where I grew up.

Lindsay Cleary


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