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Fat Government Payroll Drains State's Resources

July 20, 2003

The ratio of one public sector job to six private is California's biggest problem ("Public Sector's Job Insecurity," July 11).

Add to that higher wages and the more generous benefits/pension packages and you've created not a "huge economic engine" but a tremendous drain on the resources of this state.

The fatter government becomes, the leaner by necessity the private sector must become in order to support it.

This is not a sustainable system.

Kyda Sylvester

Auburn, Calif.


If government jobs were the key to a vibrant economy, then the former Soviet Union would still be around and an economic powerhouse. After all, everyone did have a job, didn't they?

Don Luepnitz



This article illustrates the malaise that permeates the public sector: These people got government jobs not to serve their fellow citizens but rather for the pension and endless job security regardless of what happens to the rest of us in the "real" world.

Well, too bad. Should my taxes be raised so that these selfish people can keep their entitlement jobs? I don't think so.

Charles Vejvoda



The wages that they spend come from other people's taxes.

The economy would be just as stimulated if the people who paid the taxes were doing the spending instead of the people who took the taxes.

Stan Warford


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