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One Whale Hunt, Two Aftertastes

June 01, 2003

Susan Salter Reynolds made reference to me in her article defending the barbaric slaughter of whales in the Faeroe Islands ("Hunting Whales in West L.A.," April 27). She reported a very sanitized whale kill, most likely organized for her benefit. Her description does not sound like anything that I have witnessed there, and I have plenty of video attesting to the horrific cruelty involved with the killing of these whales. I can provide video of pilot whales being stoned, stabbed and slashed, and video of whales having their heads sawed off while alive and children participating by poking out the whales' eyes. I applaud the unnamed actor who walked away from her with disgust when she boasted of having eaten whale meat.

Capt. Paul Watson

President, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society



Thank you for Reynolds' wonderful article. As the wife of a hunter/outdoorsman (we eat everything he kills), I have never seen an article that captures so beautifully the spirit of people who hunt to provide food for their loved ones. Life is more real and dear and wondrous when one participates in nature rather than gazes at it antiseptically from inside some city dwelling.

Deborah Grumbine


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