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Truth About Lynch's Capture and Rescue

June 01, 2003

The first casualty of war is the truth. The truth about the capture and rescue of Pfc. Jessica Lynch can be found somewhere between Robert Scheer's (Commentary, May 20 and May 29) and Pentagon spokeswoman Victoria Clarke's versions of the events (letter, May 26). The fact is everyone in Iraq during the war was in danger, and still is. This includes civilians, soldiers, Iraqi doctors and journalists. The soldiers had every reason to expect the worst when they entered the hospital. This is not the time to knock on the door.

The fact that film was rolling during this rescue, and the Pentagon spoon-fed this to the media, makes Clarke's outrage a bit disingenuous. Also, the Iraqi doctors probably took good care of Lynch, considering the circumstances.

I think we can all agree that Lynch, her rescuers and the medical personnel in the Iraqi hospital all performed their duties to the best of their abilities, even heroically. It is so unnecessary for the media or the Pentagon to enhance this event. It stands on its own merits.

Karen Page



Scheer writes that a "$400-billion-a-year juggernaut," the Pentagon, "savages" him for writing about the rescue of Lynch. The savage act in question: writing a letter to the editor. Someone needs to pull St. Bob off his cross. He'll probably just nail himself back up there, but still.

Chris Bray


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