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Wait for proof

June 02, 2003

The article "A Clue to Why Less Salt Is Better" (May 26) explains why eating fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy foods is effective in lowering blood pressure.

This type of diet is considered part of the DASH, or Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, which was introduced nearly six years ago.

What I found interesting about this article was the fact that only recently researchers have discovered why this kind of diet actually works, yet six years ago doctors were prescribing it as a way to lower blood pressure as well as treat hypertension.

If researchers did not understand why this treatment worked, how did they know that the regimen was healthy?

It would be more beneficial to our society as a whole if these doctors and physicians would simply wait until they had pure medical proof that these treatments work.

Instead, they bombard the public with drastic health changes that they do not know that much about.

Kelly Gerula

Santa Barbara

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