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Streisand Claims Coast Photo Violates Privacy

June 03, 2003

Re "Streisand Sues Over Photograph of Her Coast Home on Web Site," May 30:

The set of coastline photos created by Kenneth and Gabrielle Adelman, and available free of charge to the world on, is one of the most remarkable environmental resources ever created by two people working alone. She flies the helicopter and he snaps the pictures.

Nothing sinister here. These two dedicated environmentalists have produced a much-needed benchmark for tracking future erosion and development of our coastline.

Yet Barbra Streisand seeks $10 million in damages for the one photo out of 12,000 that includes her sprawling compound, claiming her privacy has been violated by displaying a picture of her bluff-top residence. With all the hubbub she has created, there is now a great big picture of her newsworthy home in The Times. Now everybody knows where Streisand lives.

You would think that someone of Streisand's stature would have better things to do with her time and money.

But you've just gotta love the irony of it all.

Toby Keeler



I really wonder just how many people would visit a Web site to get a look at Streisand's rear yard.

Could her attitude be described as self-deception?

Robert A. Winners


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